Social Gold Crypto DSDB Ledger

A decentralized distributed database that focuses on utility tokens, NFTs, and smart contracts. The distributed database model is just like the model mentioned above. Except the AI VPN server will assign a license to use this technology as a node. In a distributed platform only AI to AI connections are allowed, and it requires at least two DSDB at the start. The AI would be instructed to use immutable tables (blockchain tables) only and because it is going to be decentralized the AI human overrides would be null meaning once the server is started only the AI can make changes, and all human input would be regulated by the AI only with no override with any attempt to override to be countered by cyber security protocols. The input of smart contracts would allow additional functionality but would be overseen and executed by the Al.

Features of the system:

  • Chatbot AI interface for quick queries of data or system status. (Read-only permissions)
  • AI  Data, Security, and Network automation handlers.
  • AI master controller configured to be run without human authorization overrides.
  • AI master controller is pre-taught data trend algorithms and cyber security protocols.
  • AI master controller observes and learns from AI automation handlers.
  • Automated backup or duplication handled by AI (settings are adjustable before initialization)
  • Will utilize 5 blockchain tables.
  • With “no human overrides “   no changes can be made without being approved by the AI. This ensures no data manipulation/tampering, fraud, or theft.